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Membahas segala sesuatu seputar teknologi terkini

Digital Marketing? And why important?

Digital Marketing

Definition of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing ? What a weird thing? That’s not a kind of alien 😀 . Digital Marketing is a new kind of Marketing that use internet and electronic media to use it. Unlike the traditional marketing that hard to measure, no interaction, and hard to choose the audience, Digital Marketing can reach out the customer by user relevancy at the right time to reach out the customer.

So, in this article, i invite you to know more about “What is Digital Marketing is”. And what you should know about it?

How it works?

Digital Marketing refers to advertise something use search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email, mobile apps and many others.

From those media channels, companies approach their product to targetted the market. Because consumers always research a product online before they make a decision to buy something.

So, I listing kinds of digital marketing tools that used by professional below.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a way to make your content (also website) to easily find by user. To make it easy find by user it should in the first page of search engine result page (SERP) of Google. But how? The answer is we need to optimize our site to get a high rank in Google.

SEO is a cheap type of digital marketing because we don’t need to spend much money when using it. We get the audience (often called traffic) that click our content because they interested in. People think that the content answer their queries not only about the information but the product they looking for.

There are several steps to how to optimize SEO:
1. Website Speed Optimization
2. Mobile Friendly Website
3. Keyword Research
4. Create a content that answer user queries or related with our product
5. On Page Optimization
6. Off- Page Optimization
7. Technical SEO
8. Make Link Building as much as possible

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

search engine marketing

In the previous paragraph explain that SEO related with search engine result. As same as SEO, SEM (in this case Google Ads) related with how to listing in search engine result but with cost in it.

Unlike SEO that need more time to reach first page or first one in Google listing. SEM instanly can reach first page immediately. This strategy is very helpful to create brand awareness for new product to penetrate the market.
As we can see for the first presence of e-commerce like Tokopedia, Shopee, and Lazada. They massively use Google ads to tell “Here i am” to present their company.

These are types of SEM:

  1. Search Ads. The shape of this ads is a bunch of text that placed in the top of search engine result page ( usually above SEO result) and marked by “ad” icon. The text is only summary of the product with selling words.
  2. Display Ads. Display ads mostly used by digital marketer is Google display ads. This ads always appear in a blog. When we make display ads, we should pay attention to image, message, and design. So we can get engagement, conversion, and brand recall.
  3. Youtube Ads. Do you like watching youtube? Have you ever seen ads when you watching a video? Yes. That’s the kind of youtube ads. Youtube now is number one social media with 150 million user in it. So, the scale of the market is very big because can reach half more of Indonesian people. So, if we can optimize ads in youtube, our sales will grow up. And Finally, our business can be more success.
  4. Shopping Ads. In this digital era. When we want something, we just sit on our sofa, hold on our phone then choose what we want. And the package coming. This opportunity used by Google to create Shopping Ads. It’s usually appear on the top of SERP when we type a product that we want to buy. With picture and price that we can see. The chance of audience to buy our product is bigger.
  5. Gmail Ads. For people that work with gmail will not be surprised when they see email from stranger with “ad” icon on the top. Yes, that’s the kind of gmail ads. They usually appear in social or promotion tab. The advertiser can serve’s in their prospect’s email inboxes. It’s not impossible the lead click our ads.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

social media ads

When first appeared, social media is only social platform with friends and family. But now, Social media transform into marketing tools that used by entrepreneurs and digital marketer. Based on data, There were 160.0 million social media users in Indonesia in January 2020

From that data, they can build brand awareness, increase sales, and encourage traffic from social media into website (for sales or subscription) . Many of them compete to attract people to follow or interact with their brand. A lot of technique like create interesting content, interact with followers, and analyze their behavior proved successful. As i mention before, those are the organic way (free) to earn engagement from the audience.

If needed, running social media ads (Paid) from various social platform like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and many more. It will reach more audience instantly, get more attention (because ads will show in every side of social media page), reach larger audience with spesific age, gender, jobs, hobby, and total of wealth.


Obviously, there are many benefits of using Digital Marketing to grow your business or start a new career. You can see several channels of digital marketing that have been mentioned in this article. However, you need to practice every tools of digital marketing to be a master in it. Because digital marketing always changing in every time and to know about it you should try and try.

I hope this article can help you grow your business. For those of you who not online yet, what are you waiting for? Let us develop our business, so that we can reach all audience over the world with digital marketing.

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